Standards in a Box tm

     Standards in a Boxtm is a patient specimen transportation system that encourages compliance with current standards, policies and protocols. Nurses are rarely if ever educated on how to collect blood following the CLSI standards and manufactures recommendations. This transportating system helps keep nurses and lab tech compliant with the standards. Lab collection is very technical. Untrained staff can and do cause errant lab results. Education is paramount. Standards in a Boxtm puts key collection reminders at the fingertips of the person collecting the lab.  Standards in a Boxtm uses, strategically placed, images and education to remind and encourge proper lab collection procedures. Standards in a Boxtm kit comes with one LABAGAITOR tm, four UPRIGHTLY tm and one ONICEtm. Standards in a Boxtm is a great item to reinforce a comprehensive education program.



Standards in a Box tm
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