The ONICE tm( On Ice)(patent pending) is a container that standardizes the collection of chilled specimens like lactic acids. Most facilities collect the lactic acid tube and place it on ice chips. This is wrong. Chilled specimens are suppose to be placed in an ice water slurry. The ONICEtm solves this problem by creating a standard method for cooling chilled specimens using an ice water slurry. Ice is placed inside the ONICEtm to a specific level. Then water is filled to a specific level. It is the same level every time which equals consistancy. The ONICEtm cap is then screwed on and the collected specimen is placed into the recepticle located in the cap. This insures that the collected vacuum tube goes to the same depth in the ice water slurry every time. Again consistancy reduces or eliminates variables. Good collection methods equals quality blood and accurate results. The current method of placing the patient specimen on ice chips can freeze the blood causing errant results.

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